Review - Ted Lasso (An Apple TV+ Original)

Ted Lasso is my favorite new show of the year (so far). It's a fresh take on the sports comedy with a winning lead performance from Jason Sudeikis and a high rate of jokes per minute from a stellar cast.

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Review - The Mandalorian (A Disney+ Original Series)

The Mandalorian is part of the Star Wars universe, spinning the adventures of an intra-galactic bounty hunter. But really, it's about a space cowboy going on some classic Western-style quests across the galaxy with assists from a widely varied cast of characters. SPOILER ALERT - if you have seen nothing about this show in the news, there is a mild spoiler in this review.

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Review - Unbelievable (A Netflix Original Series)

Content Warning for Unbelievable: Depictions and discussion of sexual assault, PTSD. You might be reluctant to watch a series about a rape victim coerced by the police into recanting her report of the crime - I certainly was. But if you can overcome that and give Unbelievable a chance, you’ll find three protagonists you can really root for, all impeccably portrayed by the series’ leads.

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